Sammy’s Diet Dinner

Sammy is on somekinda new diet or some shite so she needs to eat healthy apparently. Whatever. Bloody gelflings….

In the larder we have chicken, snowpeas, pearl barley, broccoli, onions and spring onions.

Pearl barley. Lovely stuff. Nutty and chewy and fantastic all at once!

Nice larder. Shall we make fried rice? Oh yes, yes we should. Shall I have a drink? Oh it’s much too early for that. No? Bugger it, let’s go!

Cook 1 cup of pearl barley in 1lt of boiling water until soft but still chewy. This will probably take about 20-25 minutes but give it a little longer if it needs it.
Chop 2 cups of veg and 1 cup of chicken into stir-friable sized pieces. You should also chop a little garlic and ginger and have that at the ready.
Now the rest of your mise-en-place*, 1 tspn sesame oil, 1 tbls light soy, 1 tbls sweet soy or oyster sauce and 1 tblsn sweet or hot chilli sauce if that’s your thang.
I need to say here that if you are doing any kind of stir-fry type thing you need to have everything ready to go before you start so it can be a fast process, keeping vegetables crisp and delicious.
Get your pan or wok nice and hot over a high heat or flaming hot bonfire.
Add 1 tbls of veg oil and cook off your chicken, stirring and tossing as you go.
When your chicken is just cooked, remove from pan and set aside.
Get the pan back up to hot.
Now add another tbls of veg oil and fry the broccoli and onion. 1 minute tops. Remove from pan and set aside.
Get the pan back up to hot.
Are you seeing a trend here? Small batches, quickly in hot pan good. Large batch stewing away for ages bad.
Now it’s time to get your pan up to really hot.
Everything goes back in now, with the snowpeas, barley and sauces. Stir-fry that bad boy for 2 minutes. garnish with some chopped spring onions.

Check your seasoning, add more soy if needed. EAT.

PS. use chop sticks if you want to pretend you are eating authentic Chinese cuisine. Extra hot chilli sauce would probably also be the go….

You know what? This could also be a soup quite easily.

All you would have to do is chop everything up a bit smaller, cover with a litre or so of water or stock if you have it. Omit the asian sauces and add a bouquet garni. Simmer over a med-low heat for 35-40 minutes. Check to make sure the barley is cooked and while you’re there you may as well check the seasoning eh. Chuck some pesto or salsa verde on that bad boy and off you go!

*mise-en-place; French for putting in place. Means you have everything and in place before you start to cook. ie. meat trimmed and portioned, vegetables chopped, ingredients measured, sauces made where applicable, utensils, etc.

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