My duck just had babies

This is my duck and her ducklings.

We can watch them grow together and then I will show you how to cook all of the duck. It can be a Hugh Fernley-Wittingstall River Cottage type experiment.

If you don’t know him it’s quite easy to look him up…

2 responses to “My duck just had babies”

  1. this request is fitting for your photo!!! Yesterday I went to my local chinese restaurant whwere I can pretty much say is shit- and I shall never eat there again- although they did do some GOOD pork dumplings…. What I really wanted though was some peking duck pancakes- so i ordered them- and they were POO…. too oyster saucyish and cold pancakes that were like the communion wafers that you get at that place with the cross on the roof…. whats it called again????
    anywho- I thought- I need to make it at home cos- as the saying goes- “i always make it better”. well thats my saying anyways!!!
    so can you give us a recipe….. oh wise sage!!!!!
    I might even cook it for you one night!!!!
    If your lucky!

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