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Din Dins for Sammy

aka. I’m running out of names to call this…

I just got to wondering if it’s a little daunting to tell (potentially) the world, but realistlcally just you three guys (Thanks btw. You make me feel really good about myself) what you have in your larder every few days. Clearly not if you’re still doing it. It’s not your fucking handbag is it? No. That could be pretty funny though… I need to sleep more and drink coffee less.

Bacon, pumpkin, tomatoes, basil, baked beans and pasta.
I like that you always have fresh herbs. Did you make a garden. I hope you did. That would make me super happy. Once again I will advise you to put the baked beans back in the cupboard and have them for breakfast tomorrow. Eat them all. That would be a heaps funny treat for the people you work with. Everything else is bang on. Caramelised pumpkin, bacon and basil pasta here we come.

about half a pumpkin, hopefully butternut cos it hold together the best for this sort of thing, peel and dice into 2cm cubes
as much bacon as you feel like, sliced
half an onion or some shallots, diced smallish
1 tomato, diced
a handful of basil, chopped or torn

Get what ever pasta you are using in to cook. It needs to go into BOILING water with a tspn of salt in it. Put your timer on (surely you have a timer by now) for however long it tells you to cook it on the packet. When it is cooked drain and set aside… the rest shouldn’t be to far away.
While your pasta is cooking add some olive oil to a pan and fry off your pumpkin over med heat, tossing often. After 8-9 minutes it should be nice and brown (caramelised, not burnt). Now add bacon, onion and tomato, and a pinch of chilli if you have some floating about. Cook out for another 5 minutes or until pumpkin and onions are tender. If it looks like it is starting to colour too much turn the heat down.
Once the pumpkin is cooked add the pasta with a couple of tbls of the liquid it was cooked in or water, add basil, toss or mix through, check seasoning… taste delicious? Well douse with olive oil, pour yourself a drink and sit down and eat!

And if you don’t feel like pasta put the fried pumpkin mix on toast and call it a bruschetta. Or you could make pumpkin soup with crisp bacon crunchy bits on top…

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