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Baked Beans… my other breakfast favourite.

Good baked beans owe a debt of gratitude to a good ham bone or smoked sausage. And slow cooking. These bad boys can’t be rushed. Oven baking also helps them get a nice extra flavour which can’t be achieved on the stove top. You can even use salami as the meat product if you want.


3 400g tins canellini beans*

2 400g tins crushed tomatoes

1 ham bone or ham hock or some smoked sausage eg.chorizo

1 brown onion, dice

2 cloves garlic, crush

1 Tbls smoked paprika

1 tsps ea dried oregano and thyme

1 pinch dried chilli flakes

a good splash of balsamic

poached eggs, toasted sourdough, grated pecorino, fresh herbs and olive oil to serve

  • Sweat off ham or sausage, onion & spices.
  • Deglaze with balsamic vinegar and reduce until almost dry.
  • Add beans and tomato, cook in 160C oven for 2 hours, stirring a couple of times.
  • Check seasoning and serve with all the stuff it says up there.

*or if you want to get special, soak 2 cups of dried cannellini beans over night and then cook them with parmesan rind. Yep. The hard rind that you don’t eat. It’s great to flavour stuff like this. Save it up in the freezer for these occassions.

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