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a game i like to call ‘(personal) space invaders’

There is a game I like to play sometimes in the kitchen and I call it personal space invaders. It is especially cool to play it with people who have personal space issues. ie. everyone (so far). It’s pretty simple. All you need to do is get up close to someone while they are doing their prep or whatever. And by close I mean really close. Almost touching close… And just stand there. Talking or whatever, right in their face.


I used to do it to an apprentice of mine called Sal. Now Sal is a top bird by all accounts and a brilliant apprentice… But the girl couldn’t stand it if anyone touched her or ventured into her ‘personal space’.

Heaps funny.

Once again the story has no actual relevance so I will talk about food or some shite… Maybe something for tomorrow when you’re a little bit sideways and your brain may or may not be telling you the right things to do, just cos it’s still a little eff’ed.

shopping list –
1 pack of bacon, 1 carton of free range* eggs (or maybe you get enough off your chooks for you and a few friends?), some sliced cheese like a good gruyere (try it out), a pack of frozen hash browns, onion jam (or fried onion if you don’t know what I’m talking about), some kinda sauce or chilli jam or relish or even the tamarillo chutney we mad a fews days back, buns (fresh and soft), butter, sea salt and ground white pepper.

OK. So this is going to be about getting everything to be ready at approximately the same time, forming it up, and, as my mate Jess would say, eating the shit out of that!
Bang on.

the hangover burger deluxe

  • put the bacon in a pan or under the grill and cook to your liking, crispy for me. Two pieces per roll, this is not the time to be a tight ass.
  • cook the eggs in a pan with 75% butter and 25% oil. This stops the butter from burning too easily. A medium heat will also help. Some kinda brain thing and some cooking skills would also be great. Two per roll is fantastic but one is still OK.
  • you need to have the hash browns pretty close to cooked by now. You should have pre-heated the oven to 200C and had them in there… One per roll. Crispy.
  • slice the roll in half and butter.

Layer the ingredients in a manner which you think is beautiful and would sort out anyone in your current situation. Actually, maybe don’t put that much thought into it.

*they  are undisputedly (how’s that for a word…) better. That means you cannot dispute this. Sorry or not really.

One comment on “a game i like to call ‘(personal) space invaders’

  1. PS you could actually get all of the stuff you need from the farmers market. Get up and go there.

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