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Non-meat based burger for Ains.

The short version of the story (for a short girl)
Ains is a friend of mine. Her son, Druwyn, works as my kichenhand, washing his Saturday afternoon away at the sinks every week.
Ains is vegetarian, hence her kids often eat meals consisting entirely of legumes, vegetables and fruit…
I made mixed grain pattie burgers last week and told Druwyn to try them. He graciously declined, as “mum always makes vege burgers and I am pretty much over them”, or something like that.
I replied that I didn’t ask him and that he should try it straight away… does this make me a bad person?
He loved it, came back for seconds and thirds and now Ains wants, no, needs the recipe…
Merry christmas because here it is.



2 cups dried chickpeas, soak over night, cook, blitz while hot (or a couple if tins of cooked chickpeas will do)

1/2 cup each pearl barley, lentils and quinoa, cook (these are for texture)


1 pinch cayenne

1 Tbls Moroccan spice or garam masala

1/2 cup self raising flour

2-3 eggs, just enough to hold it together

Form into patties and cook in a pan or on the bbq for 5-6 minutes each side, medium heat.

Assemble like you would any other burger… leaves, salad stuff, cheese (grilled haloumi would be nice on this one), with mint yoghurt and a big hit of the tamarillo chutney we made earlier, or something similar. Don’t be shy with the dressings either, as there is nothing worse that a dry vege burger. Well there is actually a few things that are worse than a dry vege burger… I’m full of shit. Shit, shit, shit.

Good luck small padiwan…

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