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Sammy’s soy lecithin challenge… and songs to sing while cooking…

Firstly I think to myself what the eff is soy lecithin doing in someone’s cupboard? Really?

I was that freaked out I almost needed a second cup of tea, or a little sit down at the very least. But my dear wife Jen comforted me and, in an ever-so-calming voice, told me she had this one covered.

Jen’s brownish healthy balls are best made while singing the tune ‘chocolate salty balls’, made famous by Isaac Hayes aka. ‘Chef’ on South Park. If you don’t know the song you have to youtube it. The guy is a legend.

take it away Jen…

jen's brownish healthy balls

Here is the recipe for my salty hairy balls! Or healthy hairy balls, or sweaty healthy hairy … here’s the recipe..

1 cup oat bran (organic, cos that’s what hippies like)
1 cup almond meal (cos its gluten free- and weak breeds need that !)
1 cup of mixed dated and apricots- boiled in enough water to cover, until soft, and then chopped superfine (sing the song super freak – but replace the words superfreak with superfine as you are doing this)
1/2 cup agave liquid (its ancient and the goods!!!!)
1/2 cup chia seeds (the Aztecs swear by them- obviously not in english though cos they are aztecian)

Now roll it into balls- add more dry or wet to get a ball consistency then roll them in – crushed nuts or coconut or dirt or sprinkles (would defeat the purpose of sugar free but whatever your into).

That’s the OG recipe but what we will do is replace half a cup of oat bran with half a cup of soy lecithin… I think. You have to let me know how you go with this because I really have no idea what’s going on.

Jen suggests that these are a great mid-afternoon snack when you get a bit peckish and need a little healthy energy boost.

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