Fish Friday

This is not a recipe. It is not really even a story. It doesn’t really relate to the intelligent foodie stuff that normally goes on this blog. It’s some funny photos of a cat with some words about a crazy girls obsession with Fish Friday. G


Anyone who is interested in cats, fish, cute shit, Fridays and wasting their time reading about all of the above!

So… Charlie is my cat, she is by far one of my favourite creatures in the world, the one who loves me when my boyfriend is cranky at me for not putting the toilet roll around the right way. She makes me giggle, she viciously hunts down and destroys any cockroaches in our place and she pounces on my head while I’m sleeping.

My lovely boyfriend is actually a Jew (refer to bottom of page for definition of Jew) and he claims he does not like the cat in our house… Secretly he adores this wonderful little creature, I often come home to discover them cuddling up on the lounge napping. When I had to take her to the vet recently, he was comforting her and stroking her though whole time. So even Jews love my Charlie!

Charlie gets fed an exclusive diet of fresh steak, chicken and a variety of organs.

BUT, every Friday… *drumroll please* is… FISH FRIDAY YAAAAYY!

On this occasion Cha Cha (yes, that is my stupid nickname for her) gets fed some kind of fish, or a prawn.

I’d love Fish Friday to be every day but you see too much fishy goodness is not good for cats and I guess thats the whole point if the way I feed her, so she is healthy and I don’t have to spend a gazillion infinity million dollars on vet bills.

So anyway enough rambling, thats my little Charlie right there, isn’t she just the cutest?

A bit of cheeky one sometimes though… Who knows where she gets that from??? I’m sure Chef wouldn’t know either! Right Chefikins!?!?

Here she is sussing out what type of fishy-ness she will have the pleasure of devouring this week…

“Mmm that smells good!”

“Oh, yes a prawn thanks Jess your the sexiest, bestest owner in the world I think I’ll eat that thank you very much, hand it over.”

“No really, give me the fucking prawn bitch I want to eat it I’m fucking hungry!!”
(Is probably something along the lines of what she is thinking here!)

“Mwahaha sucked in I got the prawn…”

I let her think she caught it, but really I got sick of tormenting her and gave it to her.

And of course she has to play with her food first…

Now she will take to annihilating it!

“Oh yeah, thats some gooooood prawn, I’m going to eat the shit out of that, as Jess would say.”

“Can’t talk… Eating….”

She likes to take her time… Slowly munching and crunching away at the poor prawn.

She likes to start in the middle, then eat the tail, then she destroys the head, usually leaving only the eyeballs.

“Wow Jess, what another great Fish Friday, your awesome thanks for the prawn, maybe next time I could have some salmon?”

She then snuggles up in her little bed and sleeps it off…

Thank you for taking the interest in Cha Cha and our Fishy Fridays. Much love to you whoever you are reading this.

My next thought is Mouse Mondays, ideally I would like to purchase a live mouse from the pet shop, the cutest, fluffiest one of all… And feed it to her!

Watch her chase it and eat it! Imagine how fun that would be for everyone involved (except the mouse of course, unless its some kind of fucked up mouse that’s into that sort of thing…) ANYWAY.

Mouse Mondays is hopefully something that will follow, Fish Friday, Mouse Mondays geez it must be a tough life for Charlie! I kind of almost wish I was a pussy.


P.S Many apologies to the lovely boyfriend of mine I referred to earlier, being the Jew he is, he hates Cha Cha eating prawns on the carpet, but for the greater good it had to be done tonight. I am sorry babe and I will clean the carpet 🙂

JEW: Commonly mistaken as someone who follows Judaism, the type of Jew I am referring to is one who is a tightass, OCD person who enjoys making every little thing a big deal E.G someone who likes the toilet paper a certain way, will find a piece of sand on the floor and claim the whole house is a mess, this type of jew will complain your dish is not presented correctly and then proceed to remove on grain of rice from it… anyway you get it, please do not hesitate to contact me if the definition of the modern Jew is not understood.

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