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pork omelette?

This combines two of my favorite things about cooking. Good, simple, versatile food, and pork. And breakfast. And my clear contempt for anything that remotely resembles the correct rules of numeration.

This is the sort of thing that is by no means confined to the breakfast table mind you. It kicks goals all over the place as a lunch or as a dinner served with some rice and maybe a little smoked trout and bean shoot salad with a sweet chilli dressing. You could also swap the pork for shredded duck, chicken, tofu, cat, whatever.

You need
3 FR eggs
Some leftover pork belly (or whatever meat or non-meat product you decide to use), brown it up a bit first if you feel it needs it. If it is pork belly it will definitely benefit from this process
1 Tbls each of hoisin sauce, oyster sauce and light soy sauce
1 tspn black vinegar (Chinkiang)
1 small non-stick pan or a wok
2-3 Tbls oil to fry
• This is all going to be over in a few minutes (so it’s still more impressive then your attempt at foreplay last night), so make sure your mis en place is ready
• Mix the hoisin, oyster and soy sauce to make your dressing
• Heat the oil in whatever it may be that you are cooking this in. Get it smoking hot. Just like that chick from year twelve art class. She was awesome…
• Crack the eggs into a bowl and poke the yolk. Do this with your finger or a knife as using any other body part could attract undue attention to you and the meth lab you clearly have down stairs
• DO NOT SCRAMBLE THE EGGS. You just want to break the yolk. I hope I am being clear enough with this for you
• Hopefully your pan has not caught fire while you have been effing around with the eggs and you dirty little mind

• Remove from heat and carefully pour your eggs into the pan, then put it back on the flame

• Now garnish your omelette with pork and dress with 2-3 Tbls of the sauce

• It should be starting to crisp up a bit on the bottom so now it’s time to flip it… so flip it
• Let it seal that side of the omelette for 5 seconds, flip back and slide onto a plate or a piece of bark or the ground (I should’ve just said get it out of the pan straight away), you want it to be gooey in the middle

• Give it a little splash of the black vinegar just to liven it up a bit, some sliced shallots and chilli would be good right now, as would any combination of coriander, Thai basil and/or mint, and even some chilli sambal if you like it hot

3 comments on “pork omelette?

  1. So…I love this! I make a similar egg dish but I don’t flip the eggs. Crispy bottom and runny top, a similar sauce and heaps of coriander and chilli on top, served with steamed rice. Love this blog…grouse food and great style writing style 🙂

  2. *just to clarify *grouse* as in fantastic as opposed to *grose* which is the total opposite 🙂 Thanks for the follow 🙂

    1. All good. Coming in loud and clear. Rodger that. Cheers

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