Thai Fried rice… because it’s tops and I never get thai-ed of it

I know. I stole that thai-ed thing from Pauly from a while back. I like it. That’s all.

Thai fried rice goes nicely with the pork ribs I made a few posts back (or any other lump of pork you may like to grace it with). This rice is going to be your friend. You’re not going to kick it out of bed that’s for sure. It goes great guns hot or cold, and it’s crying out for a piece of sticky glazed pork like a newborn child screaming for his mother’s milk.

Make a full batch of the sauce and use it for chilli duck and mushroom stir-fry. Glaze a steak before you put it on the BBQ. Stir-fried veges. Or squirt (yes I said squirt) it in the eye of would be intruders.

breakfast or lunch the next day – straight from the fridge

PORK FRIED RICE (for 2 with enough left over for breakfast and maybe lunch too. But you will more than likely finish it for breakfast)

As much cooked pork ribs, belly, hock, etc. as you think you need can handle

2 eggs

1 punnet baby corn, halved, or 1 tin of baby corn pieces

8-10 cherry tomatoes, halved

1 handful of snow peas, top and stringy bit down the side removed, sliced into 3 pieces each

5 cups cooked rice from the day before, left un-covered in the fridge over night*

150ml of fried rice sauce (recipe follows

Chopped garlic chives, bean sprouts, lime and crisp eshallots to garnish

  • Light a burner on your stovetop and heat your wok over a high flame. Let it get hot. Proper hot. What’s that? You don’t have a wok. Well turn head down to your local hospitality supply warehouse or Asian food store (the Asians will defo give you a better deal because chances are they actually sold it to the other guys) and buy yourself a nice wok. Get home with your new wok and realise that your house is burning down because you didn’t turn the stovetop off and some shit caught on fire
  • At least you still have your wok. Go now and rebuild your life, we’ll get back to the rice later… OK. Ready? Let’s go…
  • Get that wok hot. Add a couple of tablespoons of oil. Don’t splash yourself with this oil because it get bloody hot really fast
  • And I should have mentioned before that if you don’t have all of your mis en place ready now you should give up. This is gonna be a quick process and, as with all stir-fries, you should have everything at the ready
  • Now evoke the spirit of the ancient Asian wok gods and, as the Ramones once said, Let’s Go!
  • Quickly scramble the eggs and when they’re half way done add the vegetables. Fry them for 1 minute and then add the rice
  • Toss, toss, toss
  • After another minute add the sauce. Give it two more minutes on the heat and that should be done
  • Plate up and garnish with pork of some description (really it could be whatever meat you want but I think I may actually be a bit porkist), chives, bean sprouts and crisp eshallots
  • Nom, nom, nom, chow


350ml yellow bean sauce, find it and enjoy its company. I use healthy boy brand

150ml fish sauce

250g grated palm sugar or castor sugar

300ml oyster sauce

250g nam prik pao (chilli in soy bean oil), once again find it etc.

200ml tamarind water, or if you’re not that talented, 100ml tamarind puree

  • Mix all ingredients thoroughly until combined
  • Store in the fridge for ages if you can


*this dries the rice out and stops it from clumping and making shitty weird rice instead of great fried rice.

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