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The “Many Lands” Challenge (for Sammy) part 2


I shall offer you a recipe of Japanese influence for Sammy’s “Many Lands Challenge” (seriously great name). Tasty in your belly.


And staying with the theme of this challenge I will also offer some sound advice on how you may increase your chances of “getting some” from the partner of your choice (although it is a lot easier when you don’t have a say in the matter but I’m pretty sure that’s called rape in most states and territories).


Soba noodles good. Being sober bad.


I don’t want to promote delinquency but… booze is always going to help the situation if the situation is hooking up with a “friend” for the evening. Maybe not so much if the situation is driving a car or flying a light aircraft, but if captain throbbing sword is going to get to walk the pink plank it’s going to be easier with booze. God knows there are many capable men out there who are equipped to perform the mission solo, but booze is the shy mans voice, the crippled mans crutch, the poor mans dollar, the carnies cabbage. Did I already use that line?


To be absolutely honest I’ve had a couple of beers right now and I think there’s a high chance I’m gonna get some tonight. I’ve just come home from work, possibly won’t shower before bed and may not even get out of my work pants. Chances? Close to 100% I’m thinking. And to be brutally honest (that’s the next step up from ordinary plain Jane girl next door pretty honesty) I’m still going to be quite happy with myself if I get none of the aforementioned “some”.


Lovely. On with the salad then…


1 pack of soba noodles, cook for exactly 3 minutes in boiling water (this is not a joke) and then refresh

1 2inch segment of carrot, julienned

1 2inch segment of daikon (white radish), julienned

2 tablespoons dried wakame seaweed, rehydrated according to packet instructions

micro red shiso

soy dressing

sesame seasoning



125ml light soy

125ml sweet sake (mirin)

50ml sesame oil



1 part white sesame seeds, toasted

1 part black sesame seeds, toasted

1 part nori sheet, blitzed


The thing about this little salad it it’s simplicity. But you need to make it look good. Slice the daikon and carrot as thin as you possibly can. Channel ancient samurai as you wield your blade and slice your enemy (in this case the daikon and carrot) into a million pieces. And then disappear into the darkness. Ninja vanish.


Make some kind of pretty salad type thing. Dress with soy dressing. Garnish with micro shiso and a sprinkle of sesame seasoning.


And since Pauly turned this into a competition I say vote for Grazza McFilthy Beard for the dessert course. Vote for Graz if you believe in honesty, sex and being a human being. I’ve clearly filled the brief (or briefs) and some. I’ve included a photo to show that I really do care about you guys and your viewing pleasure. I really do put the “E” into effort, the “G” into good bloke and the “C” into… well. We’ll leave that one for now.


5 comments on “The “Many Lands” Challenge (for Sammy) part 2

  1. It’s a good thing your food is great because you are a serious nutter…not that there’s anything wrong with that!

    1. Just remember. Vote Nutty McFilthy Mouth #1 for the dessert course. Thank you very nicely.

  2. chefdantes says:

    Well I like a lot of what you’ve done here my friend, but seriously you took them on a journey from a Japanese australian dish to Japanese!!! this rookie mistake is why everyone should vote for me…

    1. PS. You said you were starting off with australia etc to win the Aussie vote. Typical politician. Twisting words. Lying to the public 🙂

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