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my acceptance speech plust we’ve been nominated for a blog award

Yes. Thankyou for voting me peoples champion for the Many Lands Challenge. I humbly accept this honour and shall bring fourth a dessert of noble origins to finish the challenge in the next few days.

Also foodisthebestshitever has been nominated for a blog award by, albeit because she wants to support the crazy people in this world (Her words not mine). We’ll take it!

So there are some criteria I need to fulfill to accept this blog award…

Firstly, we answer some questions. For the purpose of this exercise I shall be known as G, and Pauly will be known as P… Mental!

1. Who is your favourite Philosopher?

G. Pauly

P. Anthony Bourdain

2. What is your favourite number?

G. Can you eat numbers?

P. 7

3. What is your favourite animal?

G. All of the edible ones

P. Pork

4. What are your Facebook and Twitter

G. Foodisthebestshitever on facehead. Haven’t paid it any attention yet but it’s there. Twitter? What?

P. They are brilliant and entertaining…

5. What is your favourite part of the day?

G. Day time

P. Always now

6. What is your favourite physical activity?

G. Cooking. And if you don’t think it’s a physical activity drop me a line and I’ll hook you up with a days work in my kitchen

P. Football…no, sex… no, sex with footballers

7. What is your favourite non – alcoholic drink?

G. Do they make them now? I don’t know. Water?

P. Ginger beer

8. What is your favourite flower?

G. Self raising is good for cakes and stuff

P. Self raising

9. What is your passion?

G. Toying with apprentices

P. To bring joy to people through the medium of food

And now I have to nominate 10 other blogs for this award…

1. Man Fuel… I love a good story about meat smoking (no, that’s not code), slow roasting, barbequing and “blokey” food in general. Add restaurant reviews and things of the like and Man Fuel is there for you.

2. A Conscious Appetite… This young lady likes good food. Therefore I like her… or her blog… or something.

3. One Mans Meat… Connor Boffin is a guy who writes with a certain amount of “proper-ness”, but his dry wit is funny as… well… funny stuff. After the humour the great recipes are a bonus.

4. Eat With Fat Joe… The name says it all. You get exactly what you’d expect from Fat Joe, who seams to be eating his way across (into) America. Jelly and marshmallow salad with your fried chicken anyone???

5. Cooking In Sens… Great recipes, great photo’s, great food = great reading!

6. Real Italian Dish… The real life adventures of Alberto Cook. Broken English. Great, simple recipes. And he likes my shit!

7.Dude, What’s My Food… A couple of lads from Holland – need I say more? Sharing every meal they eat; potato chips and beer review anyone? Their broken English is funnier then ours. These guys are cute!

8. Bunny And Pork Belly… These guys eat out heaps and provide your eyes with heaps of great imagery to get your mouth wet!

9. Texana’s Kitchen… If there was a female version of foodisthebestshitever, I think this could be it. Humourous, witty and great recipes.

10. Pantry Obsession… Straight back at ya. Our favourite supporter hands down!

11. (I told you before we like to make or own rules up around here) Breakfast Confidential… A great Perth breakfast blog. If breakfast is your thing and you live in Perth you should suss this shit. Or just do it anyway…

And I think that’s us done. Yay for us!!!

11 comments on “my acceptance speech plust we’ve been nominated for a blog award

  1. Liz says:

    I’m sensing a theme……men, meat, footballers……

    1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Thats how we roll!

      1. chefdantes says:

        pretty much we are about cock…

      2. Bahahaha. Too true my friend…

  2. Whaaa?!?! First of all, CONGRATS to winning MLC, hail to the G! I’m tickled to be nominated for the “Sunshine Award”, thank you! I’m totally not surprised that we enjoy some similar blogs. Does this mean I pass this forward? Plus the questions? Ack! 🙂

    1. Thank you. And yes, I’m pretty sure that’s how these things work. And we keep going until everyone in blogland has an award! 🙂

  3. Excellent and Cheers! Your blog is not only full of crazy ass writing but the food is pretty shit hot too!!! 🙂

  4. Congrats on your award.

  5. Man Fuel says:

    Thanks for the nomination guys. I’ve accepted and thanked you on my blog. Keep up the good eats!

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