Georgian Chicken Liver Chashushuli Supreme

Cooking in Sens


I’ve wanted to make chicken liver chashushuli since the recipe was published in March, but I’ve just gotten around to finding some nice fresh chicken livers.  Right next to the livers were some gizzards and of course I couldn’t resist, and why should I?  Adding gizzards would only make the chashushuli better, or supreme 🙂  So that’s why.  Sorry Bassa.


I knew that the gizzards wouldn’t be cooked and tender in the time it took to cook the livers, so I precooked the gizzards with bay leaf, onion and chicken broth before adding them to the marinade.


One “souci” was that I didn’t have any barberries, so I substituted dried cranberries soaked in lemon juice.  I know, not authentic, but determined.  I love the Georgian free and easy way with bay leaf!  My mother was like that.  This was a very good lunch, but you have to wonder…

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