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Cooking duck for the duckman


…and then the duck farmer returned for one last hurrah


I know many of you people out there are curious and I know many more of you couldn’t even give one single fuck. But it appears one duck cook up (you can suss that here) wasn’t enough to satiate the appetite of the ravenous duckman. So he returned for one last night of drinking fine ales, wine and possibly a port or two, duck consumption and, of course, the mandatory late night table dance with a drunken midget cobbler from the salt mining districts of Siberia. Apparently there is quite a call for good shoe repair in those parts.

Cooking duck for the duckman and a few other friends

Have some cheese while you're waiting

Have some cheese while you’re waiting. These are some more offerings from the Nimbin Valley Dairy

Duck is a huge fan of a few root veg from the farmers market

Duck is a huge fan of a few root veg from the farmers market. Roast those bad boys up in a little duck fat

Duck, glorious duck

Duck, glorious duck

I’ve said it before and (you guessed it) I’ll say it again; get your self some duck marylands (thigh with leg attached), season them with a good hit of sea salt and freshly ground pepper, roast them in a pre-heated oven at 170-180C for two hours, basting regularly with their own fatty juices. That is quite literally all you need to do for a delicious roast duck dinner.  Well, that and a few kick ass side dishes, but I think you’re more than qualified to sort out a few sides by now… hopefully… maybe… shit, just eat it with a piece of bread.

8 comments on “Cooking duck for the duckman

  1. Glorious duck indeed!

    1. Why thank you. It really was good duck…

  2. Truly Sensational !!

    1. Why thank you my good man!!

  3. the duckman cometh….

    1. And leaveth thank god!!!

  4. laurasmess says:

    Ha! I love the name Duckman. Did you know there’s actually a TV series of the same name? It’s fucking hilarious (well, to me… as I have a weird sense of humour). There are lots of episodes on YouTube, check out this for an intro:
    This duck meal looks awesome. Particularly with the root veg. Mmm, beets.

    1. Yeah. Duck and beets one of my all time faves!! Will suss the link 🙂

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