Warm-up burgers

Yes, yes, yes
Yes, yes, yes

I have been thinking about this burger for a long while now. Well, actually I’ve been thinking about it since this morning… or maybe a little closer to lunch time.

But you don’t really give a single shit about that though, do you?

My friend Laura, who has herself a nice little blog all of her very own called Laura’s Mess, taunts me with remarks of a day where we will meet up in the real world (the world that is not inside your computer) and we will engage in the ancient tournament known as “the burger off”.

There will be festivities. We shall taunt the court jesters and laugh at their funny hats. We will share anecdotes and food alike. Booze shall be passed… and quite possibly wind, too.

I chose to think of today as training for the burger off. I was trying to get my eye in… fine tune the toppings… and really see how much this bun could take.

I thought it would be a good idea to pickle my own beetroot and cucumber, make my own mayonnaise and tomato sauce and even sour my own sauerkraut as to really instill a little fear into that girl. Next time I may even bake my own bread. Yeah, I can feel your knees trembling now Laura. Smiley face.

These were some of the finest burgers I have eaten during my time on this mortal coil and believe me, there have been a few.

Seba was happy with the make-your-own-burger spread
Seba was happy with the make-your-own-burger spread
I was happy with this sucker
I was happy with this sucker
Although he is not smiling, Obi was happy with his burger too
Although he is not smiling, Obi was happy with his burger too

WARM-UP BURGERS (per person)
200g-ish good quality beef mince
Salt and pepper to season. I should be able to simply call it “seasoning” by now, but I know for a fact that just aint going to be enough information for some of you…
1 rasher bacon or a similar pork product
1 bun, toasted
Lettuce, beetroot, tomato, pickled cucumber, sauerkraut, mayo and tomato sauce to serve
• Season the mince and form it into patties
• Cook patties for a few minutes each side. Cook the bacon while you’re at it
• Assemble
• Eat
• Smile to yourself with over-confidence about this burger off

20 responses to “Warm-up burgers”

  1. Oh man. That burger is freaking aweso… terrible. Just terrible, Graz. I could make that in my SLEEP! I float like a butterfly and sting like a BEE, I am the… (oh wait, bees die after they sting someone, right? Maybe that’s not the best description). Ahem. Starting over. I am just a little bit scared. To the point that I’m spilling my beer… I’d better start practising, like, now! 😉

    • I think you might be trying to lull me into a false sense of security… Well I have my own over-cofidence to do that for me!!
      There’s going to be some effing rocking burgers come out of this!

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