Pizza dough, it’s the simple things.

Make your own pizza dough and follow this blog while you’re at it! No excuses now!

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So you’ve just made ‘the phone call’, you know that phone call when you just can’t be bothered. Usually 45 minutes to an hour after that phone call, the doorbell goes off and there’s some scruffy looking dude or dudette (not that there is anything wrong with scruffy looking) is standing there with a cardboard box. Within that cardboard box is usually something that resembles a pizza, yet surprisingly it tastes like cardboard. That “I can’t be bothered, so let’s order pizza” soon becomes regret. Granted there are some awesome take away pizza joints out there but a majority of them, well I’m sure you have all tasted them.

In the time it takes to ring up, order, wait and then handover a fist full of cash, you can easily make your own pizza from scratch. Yes, I even mean the dough! What’s the advantage you ask? Well for one you…

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