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A Tex-Mex feast starring my old friends, the Chicken Mole and Slow Cooked Briskett

The guys... hanging out... warming up for the party

The guys… hanging out… warming up for the party

It’s has been said that there are two things that are certain in this life we live;
1. Death
2. Taxes
3. A Tex-Mex feast of large proportions if you stay at our house for more than a day or two
4. And my lack of appropriate shills needed to do math

My Uncle Rob and Aunty Lizzie were fortunate enough to stay with us recently and, as they hit the “few day stay” bracket, a Tex-Mex feast did indeed eventuate.

We got our finest crockery out, and by finest crockery I mean it may have been vogue in 1978 but we’re still using it now because we think it makes us look pretty cool and shit. Whether there is any truth in the concept that old plates may us look cool I know not. But we were cooking a Tex-Mex feast, no doubt about it.

That’s really nice, isn’t it? We’re nice people, you know…

With out further adieu, and with no beating around the proverbial bush – a task I feel is best left up to Ron Jeremy and his band of merry 80’s porn stars, here is a recipe for my shredded chicken Mole, a must for any table that is supporting a Tex-Mex feast…

That brisket spent quite a number of hours hanging out with little wisps of smoke from the coals of the old hardwood that burns beneath

That brisket spent quite a number of hours hanging out with little wisps of smoke from the coals of the old hardwood that burns beneath

It is safe to say I am well and truly addicted to cooking on this puppy

It is safe to say I am well and truly addicted to cooking on this puppy

Some friends for the chicken, brisket and beans

Some friends for the chicken, brisket and beans

Everyone getting amongst it

Everyone getting amongst it

Time to get in my belly

Time to get in my belly

CHICKEN MOLE POBLANO (for 10-12 as part of a banquette)

2kg chicken breast
4 cloves
2 cinnamon quills
80g Mexican chocolate (if you can’t get hold of it use 1 tablespoon cocoa powder)
2x 400g tin diced tomatoes
1 cup chicken stock or water

the almond paste

2 corn tortillas, grilled or roasted with a little oil until brown
80g raisins or sultanas
80g almonds, roasted
¼ cup pepitas, roasted
2 tablespoons sesame seeds, roasted
1 tablespoon coriander seed, roasted and ground
4 cloves garlic
4 dried long red chillis, soaked in hot water for 20 minutes
1 cup water

• Blitz ingredients for almond paste until it nice and pasty like your chefs’ tan
• Fry paste off in a little oil until you are starting to detect delicious aromas with your nose. Yep. I’m afraid your nose is in charge of this one
• Add all other ingredients, except chicken, and chuck some salt and pepper in there too. Simmer over low heat, stirring often, for 30 minutes
• While sauce is cooking roast chicken breast in 180C oven for 15 or so minutes, until just cooked. Once cooked, shred chicken apart using two forks
• Add chicken to the sauce and check seasoning
• Serve it up with a heap of other shit such as slow cooked brisket, chilli beans, pickled jalapeno slaw, brown rice salad, guacamole, feta, charred salsa picante, jalapeno relish, natural yoghurt or sour cream and home made or shop bought tortillas

27 comments on “A Tex-Mex feast starring my old friends, the Chicken Mole and Slow Cooked Briskett

  1. cheergerm says:

    I totally think that old plates can make you totally cool. (However, I have a secondhand kitchenware op shop addiction so some may question my impartiality….) As for the food, Lord, my mouth is watering Mr Food. It’s a beautiful thing you and your firepit have going on. A beautiful thing.

    1. It’s almost ungodly, the relationship between me and that fire pit.

      As for the op shops, they see us hit the kitchenware section and open the till!! It’s hard to stop once you’ve started :).

  2. Mr Fitz says:

    i am loving that fire pit… i have an unhealthy internet thing going on with it!

    1. It’s a dirty little tart, that fire pit 🙂

      1. Mr Fitz says:

        If i could just watch it late night on cable.. maybe call it up a couple of times…

      2. Mr Fitz says:

        i did say there was a problem… hahahahah

  3. John C Spark says:

    On no…now I can’t turn back!!! As Rob and Lizzie know I too have a fetish likening to open fires. Especially after returning from Tuscany and seeing how they cook there big arse steaks.

    Looks like Rob will a stone masons job when he returns to help me build my fire place.

    Oh I cant leave without saying I was very tempted to lick my screen…just that there are too many people in the office who will start to ask questions.

    Your recipe will be tested on completion.


    PS Check out what Nilla is doing here

    1. Bahaha. Too good. Surely a little screen licking is encouraged?
      Cheers for the nice words 🙂

  4. ..and appropriate skills to spell “skills”:) Fucking great feast otherwise …innumeracy and illiteracy taste like shit compared to Tex Mex:)))))

    1. True that! You are a wise man indeed!! 🙂

  5. laurasmess says:

    You know, I really need to stay at your house for a few days. Not because, uh, I like Tex Mex or anything…
    P.S you bearded hipster you, old crockery?! Ha. Love it!

    1. Well, I don’t want to sound needy and shit but… COME STAY… please 🙂
      Old crockery and beards – so bad they’re good!

  6. Holy chicken! That’s fantastic. Lucky guests. Your plate is perfectly put together…

    1. And it flowed perfectly into belly too 🙂

  7. Dana Fashina says:

    Now this is what I’m TALKIN about!
    This is a feast, well worth the time it took for those flames to cook that meat.
    Nom fucking NOM.

    1. Nom fucking nom indeed my friend. This will defo be our dinner if you ever make it over… would work well for the restaurant, too. Serve it up feasting stylee! Yeah boy 🙂

      1. Dana Fashina says:

        Yes, you’ve been giving me incentives to come over.
        They’re starting to make an impact 🙂

  8. Look at those photos…you are defo upping your game. Brissssket Indeed!

    1. Hells yeah kid!!
      And cheers for the nice words about the photos… I try… I like to blame my camera but I think I’m just mostly pretty crap 🙂

  9. Matt says:

    I’ve been avoiding this post until I had sufficient beer by my side and plenty of food to eat after reading…I’m so glad I waited otherwise I may have been really hungry. I’m also with Laura… I may or may not stay more than a couple of days… I mean old crockery who wouldn’t want to?

    1. Smart fellow getting the beer and food ready. I need to try that sometime 🙂
      You guys are always welcome, I like hanging out with smart peeps 😉

  10. bluebunny01 says:

    I made this (and blogged about it!), it was delicious – even though I may have burnt the sauce a little as I was feeding lambs! Thank you 🙂 I didn’t make it on a fire pit though as I am just not that lucky – and I didn’t have all the wonderful sides – I will move slowly up to that kind of greatness! Love the crockery.

    1. Legend! I’m checking it out…

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