Rocket and mint gremolata for lamb…

I set out to write this little article with my words, but as it turns out I am not well versed enough in the English language to articulate a story for you. So a recipe it shall be. Jolly good.

All chopped up and ready to go...
All chopped up and ready to go…


On the lamb and ready to go into my face!
On the lamb and ready to go into my face!

Home grown rocket, mint, lemon and garlic gremolata for lamb…

I think maybe a little while back I posted a braised lamb neck served with this gremolata, which I can now confirm did happen and you can view it for free here. I also assured you that I would post said gremolata recipe in the future. Well hi, I am future Grazza McFilthy Mouth and here is your recipe.

1 cup chopped rocket (from the neighbour’s garden)
1 cup chopped mint (that’s just next to the rocket in the neighbour’s garden)
1 lemon, zested on a microplane or something similar
2-3 cloves of garlic (depending on whether a pretty girl is joining you for dinner), put those on the microplane too
¼ cup of the finest olive oil in the world
• Pulse all ingredients in a food processer for 2-3 seconds, or pound in mortar if you don’t got the food processer
• Season
• Eat with yer lamb!