I’m using capitals now (and “What’s Sammy having for dinner tonight?”)

for sammy’s dinner tonight you should first start by making some salsa verde (last recipe).

salsa verde is one of sammy’s favourites. she says she loves it because it’s fresh and tasty and green. fresh and tasty i can understand, but the green thing must have something to do with a deep seeded desire to “have” a leprechaun. so if you want to eat what sammy eats you’ll be needing some of this in your fridge. you can put it at the back next to the rancid jar of garlic if you want.

You know what… I’m also gonna start using capitals as of eleven words ago. I know how this shit works.

So today Sammy has mince (hopefully beef), onions, mushrooms, basil, broccoli, cannellini beans and tinned tomatoes.

This one comes pretty easily to my brain. I have very vivid and fond childhood memories of a meal my mum used to call “savoury mince”. Fantastic served for dinner on toast, rice, potatoes, etc, and equally at home served on toast with a fried egg for breaky the next day, or, in a jaffle for lunch. Magic, I would think. Three meals in one!

Anyway, “savoury mince” consisted of mince, whatever veg was in the fridge and gravy. But I’m just gonna jazz it up a touch.

Saute a diced brown onion until starting to turn translucent.
Add 1 kg of mince and cook on med high heat until brown.
Add a big handful of chopped mushrooms and broccoli, and cook out for a coupla minutes.
Now add tinned tomatoes and cannellini beans and cook out for 15-20 minutes, adding a little water or wine if you need a bit more moisture.
Shit. It’s prolly about time for a little drinky for yerself aswell….
Now add a big handful if chopped fresh basil and CHECK YOUR SEASONING!

Serve with whatever you feel like, but toast with heaps of butter would make my mum the happiest. Garnish with salsa verde to keep Sammy happy. And don’t forget to have some the next day for breakfast.

Now eat the shit out of that.

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