A menu for Beever. Day 4… and 5.

I do believe this will bring me to the end of my five day “menu for Beever” challenge. But there is only four meals I hear you say (Actually I didn’t hear you say anything, that was just the voices in my head). Well. the last meal is going to be mostly fluids to replenish the body after a hard weeks work, and we’ll serve them up with a side of antipasto from a few post’s back.

Whoop dang!

A nice easy one tonight… You’ve probably still got a bit of a sideways slant from the wine last night so we’ll keep it quick and simple and into bed early for you tonight, k.
You’ll notice this is definitely for sure one of those recipes where you use your intuition. No exact measurements, just go with what you feel like at the time. If you olives or cucumber, chuck an extra handful in… it won’t affect the outcome, I promise.

Greek Salad with Risoni (and left over lamb shanks if there is any)
leftover lamb, shredded
1 cup risoni pasta, cooked according to instructions on packet
a punnet cherry tomatoes, halved
1/2 continental cucumber
1/2 red onion
a few radishes
a handful of olives
a chunk of feta
a few capers
a handful of mixed leaves
a handful of snow pea tendrils*
a splash red wine vinegar and olive oil
a pinch dried oregano

I like to chop everything kinda chunky, throw it in a bowl and dress it with red wine vinegar and olive oil, and sprinkle with dried oregano.

*if you can get hold of them. Snow pea tendrils are the young shoots on the vine the snow peas grow on. If you have some snow peas growing in your backyard, just snip a few shoots off them.

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