Happy Easter kiddos

Like the popes’ Christmas address, here is the eagerly awaited ‘Happy Easter wishes’ from all of us here at foodisthebestshitever.

It’s OK. I didn’t forget about you.

Eat eggs.

Symbolic of a new life… Or maybe symbolic of a good start to the day. Or a good batch of both mayonnaise and meringue… Yeah I’m feeling ya. You beautiful little thing you.

And where are my eggs coming from today? A chicken? I don’t think so. A reptile of some description? Quite possibly. A coral reef? Probable.

Why is that, you ask? Well I am on a flight (the very same flight will bring me to WA for this gripping – yes, put the vibrator away for a few nights – West Oz exposé) and I have just tucked into a ‘meal’ of bacon and zucchini frittata with a few other bits and pieces.

So what relevance does that have with the sea bed (or even the kitchen sink)? I’m getting to it. Why so impatient?

These eggs had the texture of a sponge. An ACTUAL sponge. I spilt my juice and used the frittata to mop it up. Lucky it was there or I could have had a minor incident on my hands.
It had a sponge-like appearance too. The bacon and zucchini, if there at all, was very sparely placed which made the faux sponge look all that more convincing as it looked like it had just been used to wipe out the sink.

Don’t get me wrong here. I don’t expect a three hatted restaurant in the back of my aero plane. I took it for what it was and ate it all like a good little boy. I even got a little chocolate because I ate it all up!

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