The day that was Gringo-Mexicano Wednesday


Yes, it’s Gringo-Mexicano Wednesday at our house again (well it was on Wednesday anyway). And today we make tacos, while our children husk corn and roll cigars in the back shed. Ole.

I have fond childhood memories of my mums Gringo-Australiano taco buffet… wait up, if I put an ‘o’ at the end of a word it makes it Mexican doesn’t it? That’s what Homer Simpson told me… anyway, the Gringo-Australiano taco buffet. Grated cheese, carrot, shredded iceberg lettuce, diced tomato, a mince and gravy type thing (my ma wasn’t, isn’t, to chummy with spices and other ethnic specialties). I loved it. I was always a fan of breaking the taco in half so as to double my pleasure. And I was also a fan of the mess of fallen bits and pieces on my plate at the end of it all… enough about me.

“The Mexican Hotdog”

I like to call the taco the Mexican hotdog for no other reason than it’s shape very remotely resembles that of a hotdog bun, and the you put some stuff inside it and eat it, just like you do with a hotdog bun.

I’m sure there are Mexicans all over Mexico looking at this and thinking, “fuck, I wish I could read English”.

Seriously though, why would they even want to learn English? Heck, if I were Mexican I wouldn’t learn English. I would just eff around and cook heaps of good shit using the “cooking good shit super power” all Mexicans must be born with. And then I would have a siesta. And then I might wake up, probably do a wee (if I hadn’t done one in the bed already because I drank too much tequila and I’ve actually woken up two days later), and then go and get some nacho beans out of my freezer and eat some tacos. Kinda contradictory, I know, but I get to make the rules up here.

PS. In case you haven’t figured it out for yourself, I’m using the nacho beans from last week. You should make a big batch and freeze it down in containers so you can have Gringo-Mexicano night every Wednesday just like me. That’s what I’d do.

What you need for taco night at our place (or what we need because you can’t come over, sorry. OK come over. But you need to bring wine. Stop crying damn you I said you could come over…)
1. Tacos.
2. Beans.
3. Shredded lettuce, cheese and whatever else you fancy.
4. Yoghurt with tomato, red onion and coriander.
5. Sweet corn with pecorino (feta would work well… not like, dig a garden bed for you and mow your lawn. But it would work well in this dish), coriander, chilli and lime.

Jen say the corn makes it. I say I make it, but the corn does taste damn good.

Seba likes the jam it in and chomp styles. But there are many other styles that may be employed, as we may or may not discuss over the coming weeks…

Mexicanofoodisthebestshitever! Ole!

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