Vote Now!

For those who don’t know, Pauly and I have been in fierce competition for the last 4 posts to become peoples champion, as voted by you (the… er… people) and win the right to post the dessert course for “The Many Lands Challenge”. So if you haven’t already, you should suss it out, there are 4 parts in total. And vote now! Voting closes Friday at midnight… my time (it is currently 3:25pm where I live).

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71 thoughts on “Vote Now!

  1. its not long till you get caught up in the moment and realise how much you must win….. VOTE 1 PAULY…. please…

    1. i didn’t check as yet and as along as I’m winning I won’t check, but be sure if I lose I will hire a team of crack ninja accountants (or accountants on crack that think there ninja’s) to check all numbers…

    1. 1 vote for the bloodnut from bexhill.
      (and another from kitoff, who is presently incapable of operating a voting apparatus but expressed an uncontrollable desire to vote for gray)

      1. well done my friend… an epic battle but I am humble in defeat, hang on thats not me! ahh maybe its the new me…
        Richard you are dead to me 😉

      2. its not what the people want… you’ve gotta give them what they want 🙂 but I will do a dessert for you next but I think you’d best accept your prize and get writting

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