The great marinara challenge…

This is what the guy calls his website, his food blog – foodisthbestshitever – which is fair enough, he likes to cook and eat. Who doesn’t.

Maybe his name is Steve,

‘Steve, about a year ago I challenged you to put up a Marinara recipe, ‘

That’s what I wrote back then, to Steve, and so far no comeback.

No rules Steve, no manners .. this is what he’s also ok with. I wrote him that too.


But so far from Steve is no prawns, no bugs, ditto fish, and chilli, plus onions, add garlic, burnt cream, and anchovies, waiting on cheese rind, fish heads missing, basil absent .. no tomato anywhere, no lemon, no pepper … Steve has yet to make a start.


About 10 years ago a yank with a bad reputation and me squared up about that Maroubra outfit, the brothers bra, and we had…

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