Tomato, carrot and coriander soup for Sammy’s dinner…

Sammy want’s to make some tomato type soup and quite frankly, this could be the only one I ever make. It’s a soup my old chef used to make and a recipe that I am happy to be sharing with you. It’s simple as fuck and really tasty.

As per usual with this type of thing, it’s good to make a big batch and freeze some down for a rainy day, or a flood or the apocalipse.

1 brown onion, peeled, med dice
6 -8 carrots, peeled, med dice
2 cloves garlic, crushed
1kg (ish) tinned or fresh tomatoes, you should try both and see which you prefer
1 bunch coriander with roots, washed, chopped
a cup of water or some of that stock I told you to put in your freezer
a good splash of olive oil

In a large pot saute onion in olive oil until starting to turn translucent. Add carrots, garlic and coriander root and cook out over med-low heat for 5 minutes. Add everything else, except chopped coriander, and cook over low heat for 1 hour. Add remaining cori and blitz with a stick wizz (hand blender) or in a blender until smooth*. Check seasoning, add extra liquid if necessary, serve, eat.

Simple, eh.

*if you want your soup to be “restaurant smooth” pass it through a mesh sieve. How posh…

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