Your face… an essential item when cooking food

Even if cooking food is a new adventure for you, learn to trust your face. Along with a few good ingredients, it will see you through…

Eyes… start with your eyes. Every step of way, from preparation to serving can be monitored by these puppies. Does it look appealing? Is it asthetically pleasing?
There’s not a culture in the world that doesn’t agree that we start eating a meal with our eyes. And quite frankly, I agree.

Ears. You’re probably thinking WTF? But, let’s face it. Anyone can cook some good food if they can hear a kitchen timer going off.

Nose. It’s a ripper of a thing the ol’ nose. I can very easily tell you if something has gone past the point of being beautifully caramelised and into the world of being burnt to shit! It can also tell you if the food you are about to cook is worth cooking at all. Trust in your nose. It is your friend. PS. It is also proven by my childhood that if you are forced to eat food you may not like, blocking your nose will help dull the taste.

Mouth. It may seem obvious but I think that’s just because you are starting to get quite clever now. Tasting food as you cook is essential, whether you are a home cook or professional chef. You know about seasoning now don’t you? I don’t know what I can do to emphasise this as much as I feel I need to so, I’ll just say TASTE YOUR EFFING FOOD!

Thank you.

From the soap box it’s over and out.

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