food to go with beer

Food to go with beer…

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like a beer. Coopers green is my choice. A great beer for barbeques, and barbeques is entertaining, and entertaining is friends, and friends is good shit, and back to the beer…. Or food, or something.

I’m lucky because we have a great verandah that’s meant for entertaining,,, so that’s where the barby spends most of it’s time. And the kitchen opens right out onto the verandah if I want to use the stove top or oven. And then I have a fire pit and grill in the backyard for the days nothing is gonna do it for me except a leg of lamb slow roasted in the coals.

And there I stand in the midst of slowly-becoming-inebriated guests, tongs in one hand and a coopers in the other.

Sometimes we may just feel like a snag with onions and sauce but normally we like something a little different on the grill. Maybe if we are expecting a few people, half a lamb slow roasted in the coals with garlic and heaps of herbs from the garden, chicken on the grill with peri-peri or whole fish roasted with dry spices. And then there’s the accompaniments; coleslaw (my all time favourite – I think it’s the german in me), a billion and one different potato salads, leaf and herb salads fresh from the garden and an ice cold coopers, or bugger it, maybe a corona. It’s time for celebration after all.

One thing I love with beer is mussels. There is a thousand different ways to do mussels and they’re something that’s simple to do well.

And onion rings. Beer battered and deep fried. How can something so very simple be so effing good?

And duck shanks with red chilli jam are just begging to for your spare hand to have a beer or glass of wine if you want to be a little more sophisticated (or a tumbler of wine if you want to go peasant styles).

As I write this I am teetering oh-so-slightly to the point of being drunk and I still haven’t offered a recipe… maybe just a cheese toastie tonight. But that’s always a beautiful thing if you have some good cheese in the fridge…

More actual recipes tomorrow. I promise.

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