A menu for Beever. Day one.

G man I have no ingredients to cook with but I have a shop down the road. It’s my turn too cook next week. So your mission if you choose to accept, is 5 recipes of your choice that are not only tasty and delicious, relatively quick as I’m working spilt shifts and healthy too but maybe even a not so healthy but very tasty one thrown in there. I eagerly await your reply

OK. Five dinners for the Beever. I’ll post at least one a day… here’s the proposed menu for the week. Good luck young padiwan…. and may the force be with you.

Monday. My mums tuna patties with coleslaw and a simple potato salad.

Tuesday. Curried chicken pilaf. A good dish to have cold for lunch the next day…

Wednesday. Braised lamb shanks with lentils.

Thursday. Greek salad with risoni and left over lamb shanks if there is any…

Friday. Mostly replenishing your liquids after a hard week of work is what I would suggest tonight lad. Serve up some of my antipasto on the side and Bob’s yer uncle, happy days and all that.

So today it’s my mums tuna patties with coleslaw and a simple potato salad

1 large tin tuna (425g)

2  large desiree potatoes, peeled and quarted, steamed until tender

1 brown onion, fine dice

1 egg


lots of ground white pepper

some dried herbs, chopped capers or lemon zest if you want, but not if you are my mum

eggwash* and breadcrumbs to coat

This is my mums cooking at it’s very finest… tasty and simple. All you need to do is mash everything together with your hand, form into kinda large patties (let’s just remember she did have three big, hungry boys to feed) and coat in the eggwash and then breadcrumbs. Shallow fry in a pan over med-low heat for 10ish minutes each side, or until golden brown.

Cook some oven chips or make a simple potato salad with cooked potato, chopped cornichons, chopped chives or shallots , seasoning, a splash of apple cider or white wine vinegar, and a splash of olive oil, or, option number 2… potatoes, dill, chives, mayonnaise and sour cream or creme fraiche.

And coleslaw. You know coleslaw right? Shredded cabbage and carrot dressed with mayonnaise sharpened with a little extra vinegar, or store bought coleslaw dressing is fine by me.

Good luck. I’m sure you’ll do my mother proud…

*eggwash is a beaten egg with a splash of milk. Used to help the crumbs stick and also to brush onto pies and pastries for a golden brown finish.

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