Sammy has burghul

Sammy has burghul. No, she doesn’t need a topical cream for that. Nor does she put it into a crack pipe and smoke it. Sammy has burghul in her cupboard this week and wants to know what to cook with it…

Random side note. *Everyone should take a leaf from this book. Sammy always seems to have something in her cupboard that she knows nothing about. It’s pretty easy. Go to your local shop or market, pick up something that you have no idea how to use, put it in your trolly and pay for it. Let curiosity get the better of you damn it. All you need is a friend who is a chef or something similar, or even stuff like this blog or chef google, and a desire to learn new shit. Ask questions, find out what to do, how to use it. Then go do it. My friend Pauly is just about to open a cooking school and he wants one of the classes to be a trip to the markets during which everyone has to pick a random ingredient they have never used before, and then they go back to the kitchen and cook with it. Brilliant.

This is the kind of shit I signed up for.

As a commercial or home cook, you will always be learning so get used to it, or, be one of those grumpy spoiled little princess “I’m-a-sick-chef” cooks who are clearly still dealing with the fact that mummy didn’t love them enough, or maybe they just have a little sand in their vagina, and always think they are right, never admit they aren’t and continuously inflict food crime atrocities and abominations onto unsuspecting taste buds. There we go… be open to learning and don’t be afraid to be humble. I think that was the point of that.*

Burghul is a type of cracked wheat. Traditionally used in tabouleh, yeah, that tomato and parsley and grain (aka. burghul) salad you get at the kebab shop.

I use it mixed with other grains, nuts and pulses in salads and vego burger patties. Its also good any where you might use cous-cous or quinoa.

To go with her burghul Sammy has tuna, tomatoes and basil (hopefully from her damn herb garden!). We could make a tuna and basil tabouleh, which could be pretty damn nice I think. Or if she has a potato she could make tuna patties crumbed in burghul with tomato and basil salsa? Why not combine them both* and do tuna patties crumbed in burghul with tomato and basil tabouleh? Two textures with the same product. That’s almost cheffy!

For the tuna patties

Use the recipe on ‘A menu for Beaver. Day one’, except instead of using bread crumbs to coat, use the burghul.

For the tabouleh

1/2 cup burghul, soaked in cold water for an hour, drained

2 tomatoes, diced

1/2 red onion or 2 shallots, diced

1 big handful basil (and 1 handful of parsley or mint if you have it in your garden), leaves picked and chopped

2 Tbls lemon juice

2 Tbls olive oil

a good hit of salt and pepper


Cook the tuna pattie per recipe. Combine all of the tabouleh ingredients in a bowl and dress with olive oil and lemon juice. Serve on a plate or just dump it straight onto the bench top, with a wedge of lemon on the side and maybe a dollop (now there’s a wanky word) of home-made mayonnaise.


*this is something that truely bar’s me up about cooking. Bondo bondo… you know.. half a mongrel.

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