Coreys Sanga

This is an amusing anecdote from my friend Corey. He is a great cook, but most of all he has passion, and with passion you’re more than half way there already… and just look at that sandwich. My god man. What were you thinking?

PS. Corey likes to use the language of a salty old sea dog even more than myself. So if your face doesn’t like that sort of thing maybe it shouldn’t read this and get back to your Enid Blyton books instead

So I’m on here because I like food, but food is selective so what I like you probably think is shithouse. So here’s a thought… Do what tastes good.
I don’t mean inviting all your pompous, fuckwit friends around and cooking some creation of yours that you made once when you were fucked on acid, and expecting them to like it. I guess what I’m trying to say is there ain’t rules when it comes to cooking for yourself or loved ones who share the same interests in food.
Yes there are Chef’s, Cooks and other arseholes rolling over in their grave at this, but what ya gunna do! I’ve had enough experience to know that even the best and most refined dishes can be received poorly by anyone!
See below for an example of what I made MYSELF for dinner on Australia day. It may help to know that on Australia day this year we had visitors that cooked European food, English Migration Australian, Aussie BBQ and Sri Lankan…
Btw, my interpretation of an Australian is any cunt that is living here, Irrespective of the race, colour etc.

So this is a Sri Lankan potato Curry, Vege Frittata, Sausage and Tomato Sauce roll. Yep fucking revolting I know, but it was what I wanted and fuck me was it good!
You ain’t gunna know unless you experiment, so experiment!


‘Only those who risk going too far know how far one can go…’ JB

2 responses to “Coreys Sanga”

  1. I’m impressed, looks disgustingly delicious… This is amazing, and whoever J.B is who says that awesome quote must be a fucking mad cunt of a cool bitch thats for sure!

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