Word count: 355

Fuck it. I just lost a heap of really cool shit because I may or may not have had a few drinks, started writing about some shit, forgot to save afformentioned shit and moved on to some other shit… wiping all the shit.
Serves me right for being such a dumbass. I should know better by now.

Stupidity does not go rewarded in the professional kitchen.

I work in a (semi) professional kitchen. And one thing a restaurant kitchen will not be is empathetic and understanding if you continuously fuck up… It is not your mother… it’s your step mother. Or maybe even your best friends’ step mother. She is not a shoulder to cry on if someone makes fun of you (she actually encourages that person to take it further and make you cry). She is forced to live with you (and hates every minute of it) until you show her that living with you is actually a really cool thing. You need to impress that bitch!

But at the same time that drunkard white trash step mother that the kitchen is, truly does love you. If you treat her with respect and loyalty and maybe show her that you are learning at least a little (because deep in her heart she just wants to see you succeed), she will give you a kiss on the forehead and tuck you into bed. And maybe try and go a little bit further…

See, you need to stay on your toes. On top of your game. Because she will still try and fuck you if she can. Relegate you to the realms of RSL’s and clubs…. and that is not a life god intended for any of us.

God would have way preferred it if we were all doing heaps fun stuff like… I dunno. Fun stuff…. dammit. The kitchen is going to spank me again tomorrow.

Maybe she knows I like it.

What a strange little story…

Don’t be afraid though. Let the kitchen learn to love you too.

PS. that effing burger challenge is definitely gonna happen. Intensive training has started as of now.

10 responses to “Word count: 355”

  1. little hint from wise aunt (lol) … write up all your blog entries in your *word program* ….when finished copy and paste into your blog …. enter photos etc …. then publish ….. u will not lose anything again 🙂 …..dont ask me how I know this lol

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