I was discussing how much I enjoy a good burger with another lover of the burg yesterday, when I inadvertently posed the question ‘could one live on burgers alone?’ You know what. It may not have even been me who posed the question, but damn it was a point.
Not shit burgers though (hehe. Imagine that. A shit burger)… Good burgers (does that imply the presence of the evil burger? Lurking in dark alleys and late night bars. Preying on unsuspecting, drunken young un’s?)
A bacon and egg burger for breakfast, what about a cereal burger. Like coco pops or some shite. Maybe a hamburger for lunch and an open steak burger gratinated with caramelised onion and taleggio* for dinner… and you’d have to get a veg buger in there. Fish burgers. Chicken burgers… But could it last? And if so, for how long? I think it would have to be two meals a day only with all that bready bunny stomach filling goodness.
Don’t mind me right now. Just sounding it out, thinking out loud and all that shite….
We could…. see what I just did there. I brought you guys into my burger obsession and I don’t want to do that…

I didn’t want to drag my family into my burger obsession either so I thought consent would be the best bet. And consent I got. As long as I do not drag my family into my burger obsession. See point number ‘A’.

So I am in this one alone.

Anyone else want to play?

I’m gonna work this shit out…

*taleggio. An Italian washed rind cheese. I once worked with a chick who would call it ‘ass cheese’ every time I used because she felt it smelt like actual ass. And she had an actual comparison point too I think.