Could one live on burgers alone…

I was discussing how much I enjoy a good burger with another lover of the burg yesterday, when I inadvertently posed the question ‘could one live on burgers alone?’ You know what. It may not have even been me who posed the question, but damn it was a point.
Not shit burgers though (hehe. Imagine that. A shit burger)… Good burgers (does that imply the presence of the evil burger? Lurking in dark alleys and late night bars. Preying on unsuspecting, drunken young un’s?)
A bacon and egg burger for breakfast, what about a cereal burger. Like coco pops or some shite. Maybe a hamburger for lunch and an open steak burger gratinated with caramelised onion and taleggio* for dinner… and you’d have to get a veg buger in there. Fish burgers. Chicken burgers… But could it last? And if so, for how long? I think it would have to be two meals a day only with all that bready bunny stomach filling goodness.
Don’t mind me right now. Just sounding it out, thinking out loud and all that shite….
We could…. see what I just did there. I brought you guys into my burger obsession and I don’t want to do that…

I didn’t want to drag my family into my burger obsession either so I thought consent would be the best bet. And consent I got. As long as I do not drag my family into my burger obsession. See point number ‘A’.

So I am in this one alone.

Anyone else want to play?

I’m gonna work this shit out…

*taleggio. An Italian washed rind cheese. I once worked with a chick who would call it ‘ass cheese’ every time I used because she felt it smelt like actual ass. And she had an actual comparison point too I think.

4 responses to “Could one live on burgers alone…”

  1. I think one can live on burgers alone…the combinations of fillings are endless, as are the types of buns you could use. Actually, its funny timing to read this as my partner-in-crime and I are off on a burger-related mission this Saturday…We’re unsure as to how many we’ll get through but watch this space!

  2. I think you need to seek medical advice- maybe you could blog up ( bahahahah, no pun intended) with a medical blogger!!!! cross post baby!!!!

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