Brussels sprouts. My Autumn fav.

Sauteed brussels sprouts & smoked pork belly for your Sunday (or Tuesday, or whatever) roast

It’s the time of the brussels sprout right now or really soon, depending on where you are. If in fact you are in Australia.

I love brussels sprouts.

I used to hate brussels sprouts. Actually I used to hate a lot of things. But that’s a conversation for my therapist, not you, so I’ll get back to the story.

I have very vivid memories of eating over boiled, mushy brussels sprouts as a child. And I didn’t like it one single bit.

But… a few years back I was asked to host a food industry dinner and one of the theme ingredients was brussels sprouts. ‘You’ve gotta be effing kidding me’ I thought to myself… And also probably said out loud a few times.

So I set out to make a dish that even the most tainted brussels sprout hater could enjoy eg. Me!

The dish I did on the night was slow roasted shoulder of Bangalow pork, sauteed brussels sprouts, with apple, smoked pork belly and sage. It was devoured by all. Delicious like you would not believe.

And hey, some people may say it causes flatulence. But where’s the love if there’s no flatulence I ask you…


Slow roasted pork shoulder

Or whatever cut of pork you are roasting right now

…and the brussels sprout number (for four)

500g brussels sprouts

a handful of smoked pork belly (you may be able to pre-order if you have a good butcher. Or you’re fucked if you don’t), cut into lardons, or black pudding is even better if you can handle it…

3 granny smith apples, peeled, cored and sliced into wedges

a handful of fresh sage, leaves picked

2-5 Tbls butter. As much as you think you can handle.


Cut the brussels sprouts in half and blanch them ever-so-breifly in salted* boiling water.

In a med-hot pan melt the butter, and as it starts to foam add the apple and saute until just starting to colour. Add pork or black pud and cook out for a minute or two.  Add brussels and cook for another minute or two. Add sage leaves, toss, season and serve.  Too easy really. Great brussels sprouts, minimal effort. How it should bloody well be!

Autumn at its very finest for me.

I want to eat it now.

*why salted water? Just because I told you to Ok? Do you not trust me by now?

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