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No reputable doctors in blog land? and PS I need a name for Pauly’s regular segment…

So it appears there are no reputable doctors in blogland (if that is what we shall call this place)… big surprise. Oh well, I’m doin’ the burger challenge anyways starting monday. Photo’s, burgers, recipes, burgers, me getting fatter, burgers, stuff…. It’s gonna be awesome.

PS. I need a name for Pauly’s guest chef thing. Help me out here. Let’s just remember that the guy loves the language of the salty old sea dog, any wanky cheffy connotation you may be able to come up with, and generally taking the piss out of himself and everyone around him… well, at least everyone around him.

Give it a go. If you come up with the name I will hive you a prize. Just like an actual competition. I’ll make a foodisthebestshitever tee shirt and send it to you. Yep. Let’s call it a competition…

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