Gitana tells us about ‘the inbred’

‘The inbred’ or as I have fondly started calling it – ‘the egg and cheese inbred’. Great play on words and a damn good looking sandwich type thing. I’m happy with this one… and I also appreciate Gitana’s use of bad grammar just to make me feel better about what I’m doing… G


the “inbred”

this recipe was brought about by my desire to have an egg and a toasted cheese sandwich at the same time.  so, i made it into one 🙂

on a hot pan, sizzle some butter and place a piece of bread with a square cut out.  crack an egg into the space and let it cook a little.  wack whatever other things you would like to on top of the egg and the sides of the bread (e.g., parsley, salt/pepper, tomatoes, sprouts, sauteed mushrooms, etc.), followed by a good load of yummy cheese (i have used vintage cheddar).

prepare the “lid” of the toastie with some condiment action (i have used dijon mustard, but any pickle, chutney or whatever) on one side and a little butter on the other side.  place the lid on top of the cheese (condiment side down of course) and then let it cook for a minute or two, depending on the heat and the pan choices for the egg to be somewhat cooked.  flip “the inbred” over to cook the lid.

at this stage, you will (or should) be salivating, but i have have found that low heat and patience provide the best results. so, let the other side cook and wait!

so, of course, the next bit is the best part.  plate it and gobble it.

postscript:  when i went and told my mates about it, one of them is english, and when i said “toad in a hole”, he became confused and started talking sausages… being vegetarian and far from english (although i am a little precious about the language), i became confused. instead, they call it egg in a hole, so i am bowing to the imperial mother and calling my “invention” (though i am sure someone else beat me to this, so it is probably not really my invention at all) simply “the inbred”.  this is also, of course, because it is a breed of toastie with toad in the hole or whatever you want to call it. thx gray for the inspiration on name-calling, for the guesty spot… and for the insistence on photographic goodness!

Gitana PS

7 responses to “Gitana tells us about ‘the inbred’”

  1. I have to agree with Graeme…your a god damn teacher, sort your shit out…but all in all great work Git 🙂

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