beer mini dego 4th course – Graeme


So it’s left upon my shoulders to complete this epic saga that has been ‘the beer diaries’. I’m kinda sad that it is ending…. I’m sure I’ll get over it though. Don’t need to call the helpline or anything…

I am going to start with a small history lesson.
My nan is from Germany (although she does call herself a proud Australian with an amazing German accent). That’s about it for the history lesson. I did say it was going to be small didn’t I? Hehe… that just reminded me of a conversation I had with a girl once…

German’s are renowned the world around for their love of beer, perhaps even more than us Aussies. They even have a festival dedicated purely to the drinking of this god sent drink. Maybe that’s just because they are a little more enthusiastic than us? A little less lazy? Whatevs…

So I will pay homage to my German heritage. I shall take my nana’s recipe for German donuts, I sure they would’ve dunked them in beer back in the fatherland anyway, and bastardise them into what shall be the final course of our beer mini dego.

Serve with frankfurters and sauerkraut, while wearing lederhosen, with a buxom wench with her hair in piggy tails at your side, drinking heaps of beer from what can only be described as a small fish tank with a handle on it, while singing oompah songs. There, I think I got all of the stereotypes in that sentence.

So simple but soooo good.

Photo will go here a little later on. Possibly when I try it out.

Fry my pretties… Fry.
I said HEAPS of icing sugar

2 cup plain flour
1 small (330ml-ish) beer, one of those fruity little boutique beers that you think might be kinda nice to have with a meal but no way in hell could you sit down with a coupla six packs and get jolly like the scurvy ol’ sea dog
1 lg bottle of beer that you like
½ C castor sugar
¼ C currants
3 drops pure vanilla
zest ½ lemon
·         Mix all ingredients together to make a thick batter. Rest in a warm spot for 30 minutes so the yeast can activate
·         Drink the beer that you do like
·         Heat oil in a deep fryer or pot
·         Drop spoon-fulls of the batter into your oil from a great height, or do it gently and close to the oil if you don’t want it to splash and ruin your pretty face
·         Roll around through the oil (the donuts, not you!) so they cook evenly. It should take 2-3 minutes
·         Remove from hot oil with your fingers, or a slotted spoon if you ever want to play the piano accordion again
·         Drain on paper towel
·         Plate up and dust with heaps of icing sugar. Heaps of icing sugar
·         Don’t forget the sides

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