The Green House, Perth

The green house Perth.

A great little place for breakfast while you watch the pulse of the city start to beat for the day.

As the office workers came in drones, coming and going like worker bees to a flower bed, ever conscious of maintaining their queen…

I sat and watched…

And many gathered around the plant box on the corner. Seemingly fertilizing it with hundreds of cigarette butts. Someone needs to tell these city folk that this doesn’t actually improve the plants’ health…

So we were beautifully serviced (heh, I can’t help it. Nor have any intention of stopping either), drank great coffee, ate food and admired the use of recycled materials throughout.

My boys had breakkie pizza’s with wild mushrooms, goat curd and thyme, and enjoyed the crap out of them. Jen had scrambled eggs with wild mushrooms, which was ok, and I had black pud, kipflers, baked eggs and romesco. I expected a little more from my baked eggs though. Even free-range organic eggs end up firm and rubbery when the get the shit cooked out of them… Although the kipflers, black pud and romesco were all fantastic.

That’s about all I’ve got.



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