Dinner at Sel’s house

I met a new friend that night. He appointed himself as my kitchenhand and my new best mate. His name is Mick. Not Mike or Mikey or Michael. It was definitely Mick, and I apologise for any pain I may have caused him. For his intentions were pure… Mine were of a more dubious nature…

The actual story starts now… And I will try and keep it consise and to the point (which is how I generally roll, as I’m sure you’ve worked out by now)…

Point form will work best I think.
•went to the Premiere Hotel in Albany where we caught up with old-mate-top-ranga, Kel.
•had a few tasty beverages. Two hours late, Kel commented that she should’ve been cooking dinner at her friends house.
•Kel decided the only way to make it up to her was to bring in a chef and a top class meal.
•drunken cookups are often the best. How could I refuse.
•food and good times followed…

late night baked risotto with free-range chicken, chorizo, tomato and heaps of pecorino. I love pecorino. And Mikes first time salsa verde.