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the dinner jen cooked

This is the dinner that Jen cooked last night. It is coincidentally the best meal she has ever cooked. I am still thanking her for it. And with the addition of a few spices, the leftovers were magically turned into nasi goreng for breakfast. Yeah. Crazy I know. We eat rice for breakfast ’round here.

Seba pounds the papaya salad. Get them workin' while they're young is our motto

The boys were hella keen to get their faces into that shit, but we kept it civilised

Pork hocks braised in young coconut juice, black cardamon and star anise, green papaya and herb salad from our garden, pickled cucumber from our garden, brown rice and great company. Could not have asked for more…

...and nasi goreng for breakfast

One comment on “the dinner jen cooked

  1. pinkwolves says:

    Jen I’m back at work Monday the 7th May yes I said the 7th May, this sounds soo very delicious See you at the lunch table . . ……

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