ANOTHER great idea… turn burger night into taco night… or vise versa… or something

Another great idea… turn burger night into taco night. Or taco night into burger night. Or at least let them get together, make out for a bit, and have an illegitimate child named Rodger.

Remember when you were a kid and you used to have taco night? Mum would bring everything to the table in separate bowls and you could put your own tacos together (although my mum is not a huge fan of spices so we had Aussie style mince with gravy)? There was something about that which was particularly good fun… although I can’t remember which part specifically. But now I have noticed that my boys enjoy the phenomenon that is taco night. So much, in fact, that I have applied the same layout to other nights such as burger night and ___________ (insert something else that is really funny here) night.

And for Pete’s sake (how good was that. I sounded like someone’s grandad, or religious mother) make your own effing burger patties. Anyone who tells me they don’t have enough time to make their own patties is straight up lying to my face… or to their own computer screen, or something. Unless of course they are on death row, in which case they may do what they wish with their time, lest not be judged by me.

The essence of a good burger pattie is, get ready for this, beef mince. Seasoned with salt and pepper it couldn’t be easier. Holy shit! And the good thing is this style pattie will be 100% guaranteed to taste like meat. A-m-a-z-i-n-g.

Or your other option is to buy those frozen meat patties which are proven to contain sawdust, cardboard and another substance which is unidentifiable by current technology.

Anyhow, here are some photos of our taco/burger night. I like to go all in awesome-ness as I’m sure you’d agree. Matt opted for more of a young-lady-on-a-first-date-don’t-want-to-mess-myself-up kinda version.

The spread (the boys can’t resist crisp proscuitto)
My awesome burger
Matt’s pissweak burger with the addition of a small fillet of flathead and a girly swirl of QP

Matt explains his pissweak burger option…

(I don’t want to do this but there’s a gun pointed at my face.

Lazy prick’s laying on the couch aswell. Farting.)

I’ve got no problems being messy. I make messy look good. The one time I make an effort to be clean, respectable, polite, whatever, my brother thinks it’s funny to make a spectacle of me. “So whadaya call that Matt? A girl burger? Hey? Wanna napkin princess? Hey? More lemonade in your beer ya pansy? Awwww look, the young lady’s crying. Wanna tissue? Hmmm? None left. Some limp wristed f..k used’em all watching Sex in the city 2 last night.” Graeme can be quite brutal and his passion for food really gets my goat up. My idea of a burger is meat and bread. The bread’s optional. You can stick your mesclun, red onion, dill pickles, goats cheese, coleslaw, bean sprouts, beetroot, wholegrain mustard, Qp up your…..        Hi mum.

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