Roast chicken with something different because it’s spring

Sunday roast getting a bit boring? Whatever. Cut out my tongue. Comments like that make me want to punch myself in the face. Who am I effing kidding. Sunday roast chicken is one of the thing I truly love in this world. That was one of the not heaps of things my mum could cook well. She excelled at golden crisp skin and fantastic roast vegetables. Awesome. Good job ma… seriously. So we agree (or I agree anyways) that the roast chicken doesn’t need to be fluffed up and frizzed out, it just needs to be good roast chicken. I’m just saying that you can serve it with other shite besides roast vegetables and peas.

So I’m going to make roast chicken with a papaya salad from my tree, and nam jim dressing just cos I can. And I think I may not have given you a recipe for nam jim yet. And it’s nice and springy and shit.

…Actually I did a little research and discovered that the recipes for green papaya salad and nam jim are back in July, under the headings green papaya salad, and condiments; the fun part of food.

This particular papaya salad had a bit of shredded cabbage and carrot in it and it was kick-ass. And I roasted some peanuts in the chicken juices for 10 minutes for some tasty crunch.

Smash your nam Jim up in a mortar and pestle or if you want to look OG, or, if you are weak and you’re about to miss an episode of Neighbours, blitz it with a stick wizz.


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