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Your larder

By now I would hope that your larder can tackle most things we throw at you. And maybe you have a sexy little herb garden out the back to provide you with a few fresh herbs.

And also don’t forget to get something random from the supermarket or farmers market every week.

This is what I would suggest is in your larder to give you a good chance to cook some good food and keep a bit of variety in your diet… Just to make up for the monotony of your 1 hit combo sex life.

Pasta (2 types)
Tinned kidney beans
Tinned cannelini beans
Tinned lentils
Tinned chickpeas
Tinned tomatoes x3
Refried beans
Tinned tuna in oil
Tinned Beetroot (for burgers)
Mustard of some description
Soy sauce
Fish sauce
Miso paste
Tamarind pulp with seed
Tomato sauce
Balsamic vinegar
Cider vinegar
Castor sugar
Plain flour
Self raising flour
A small hobit-like sex slave. Keep them way up the back so no one can hear their incessant mutterings or smell their mouldy old cabbage like body odor.

Heaps of different cheese

Frozen peas
Puff pastry
Mixed berries
Bait (In case you want to go fishing heaps early in the morning and no shops are open. Or maybe that’s just me…)

4 comments on “Your larder

  1. I’m obsessed with my pantry – hence the name of this blog I sometimes get around to writing. My randoms for the pantry include bags of whole spices ready to be ground and turned into a paste, especially for Indian meals, chickpea flour (late night drinks and pakora) and a huge bottle of shaoxing wine for a great stock or dressing. I’m also a little obsessed with different oil and my pantry contains at the very least 6 bottles of oil (I have a problem!) Happy days!
    PS: where do I find the sex slave?

    1. Shit, I totally forgot about the frickin’ oil. Dammit. I look like a special kid. Love shaoxing and any other wine I can fit in my cupboard. Sex slaves are available at most farmers markets, with or around the pineapple stall…

  2. The Favourite Jess says:

    “A small hobit-like sex slave. Keep them way up the back so no one can hear their incessant mutterings or smell their mouldy old cabbage like body odor.” Are you referring to any certain person here? Haha

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