Jennee’s taking over… accidental mussels with fennel and orange

The apparition… cooks.

As I said in my previous post (I am basically just gonna take this shit over!!) I spent the weekend at my sisters… yes the same sister that set the spam challenge oh so many months ago when the blog was just a fledgling learning how to fly… when no one would have expected the dizzying heights of super stardom it would reach… But I digress, lets get back to the subject at hand, my sister. Or more to the point, my sisters husband. He comes in many forms, whether it be the solid mass style, coherent and solid in his virtues and stances, or as the apparition that appears usually after midnight and usually not so solid in his virtues or stance for that matter (the star of previous blogs). The boy can cook though (not sure about the apparition, I have only woken to the remains of what looked like a cook up by the strange being!)

This particular moment in culinary history was to take place at a little place I like to call my “holiday home” . Palm trees dotted the horizon and boats were a plenty – and that’s in their backyard. Barney called the shots and made the decision to cook paella, I thought I had better do my bit and said I would roast fennel and oranges as a side dish (An idea I got from eavesdropping a conversation between Gray and Gitana a week ago!) – in the words of Picasso- “good artists copy, great artists steal”.

The paella was coming along swimmingly until it got time to add the mussels and the seemingly giant paella pan suddenly looked like a dolls tea set with no room for the mussels? So we turned the fennel and orange roast into a sauce with white wine and my dish became, mussels in a white wine fennel and orange sauce…. Both were spectacular, sadly the apparition did not show up that night, and I had my night vision video camera ready and waiting too…

Mise en place that would make gray proud….


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