I don’t know how the weather is where you live but we’ve been getting some cracking sunshine in our parts lately. In our parts. That doesn’t quite sound right does it? It kinda sounds like I might be implying the sun actually does shine out of my ass… but the sunshine is coming not from my ass. It is being delivered by the truckload, or getting air freighted in or how ever sunshine usually comes… and I think not any of the ways I have suggested. And all this sunshine and warmth and lazing around in the pool makes me desire my new friend, sangria. She is my Mother Teresa to the orphaned child, my politician to the whore house madam, my cabbage to the carnie. Needless to say she makes me feel good. And why have I decided the sangria’s guise would be that of a woman? Because it makes me feel that I can desire her, want to hold myself close to her bosom, want to… err. I’m all good here…

So due to lack of anything remotely resembling ingredients that may constitute sangria, well, that’s a lie. I have heaps of fruit but sangria cannot take flight with fruit alone. No no no. it needs booze- and if I do the maths (I’m pretty good at that shit) then that is the factor that is missing from my equation. This coupled with my lack of desire to do something or go somewhere (get up and go to the bottleshop) means I shall not be drinking sangria today. Or right now anyway. So what I have to offer you is some photos of the accidental sangria I made last weekend when I went camping. One minute the kids were eating fruit salad, the next minute they were beaten to the ground rugby scrum styles and I had turned their fruit salad into my sangria. I got my 5 fruit! What about you?

Steal the fruit from your kids and the red wine and mini bottle of sparkling something that your wife got as a gift, from your wife. Make everything really cold with ice. You take ice camping right? What are you? A barbarian?

Note the ghetto carafe. All I had was a lemonade bottle and I got sick of trying to push each individual piece of the kids fruit salad in the hole so I cut the top off and rocked the extra ghetto uni dorm styles.

I’m going to have to make me some of that goodness tonight…

2 responses to “Sangria-la-la-la-la”

  1. Love sangria! My mouth is watering just thinking about how cold and crisp and refreshing it is. I need some ASAP!

    I saw that you stopped by our blog, and wanted to say thanks so much for the likes. We’re a fledgling blog and truly appreciate all the visits that we’re getting so far outside of our family and friends. I love what you have going on here – so honest and open. Great work!

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