porking good polenta balls

Something I had to share with you because it was just so effing awesome.

On Sunday Jennee declared she would make dinner that night, and when I enquired about what it may be she had her mysterious little it’s-going-to-be-something-you’re-going-to-love-and-I’m-not-going-to-tell-you thing going on. Quite honestly I love it when she starts getting all Jessica Fletcher on my ass. I know she’s got hold of a good idea, waltzed about the kitchen waving her “right to be extravagant” licence and made a family dinner of epic proportions. It’s an event. Kind of like the coming of colour TV or the moon landing, but with just the slightest tinge of “Hey Graz. I can still cook eh. You love this shit eh. I could still be a chef if I could stand working with you eh…”

So what would it be? I’m not the best at pretending I’m curious when people have surprises, and I tend to find that this really annoys them. Jennee is no exception. She starts getting so frustrated by my reaction that she ends up almost begging me to ask her the answer. Needless to say, I knew what we were having around mid afternoon. This is how it went.


Soft polenta mixed with some fried pork mince, onion and herbs, left to firm up a bit in the fridge (not where I prefer to do my “firming up” but apparently works well for the polenta), and then formed into balls and rolled through flour, egg wash and then breadcrumbs AKA. The crumbing station. Then these little balls of love can be shallow or deep fried, and enjoyed with your favouritist condiments. Who would’ve thunk it? Not me. And normally I’m on the food ideas in this household. I won’t lie to you, I’m a little pissed off I didn’t think of it first (I’m sure someone in the world has made them before, or maybe not). I’m actually feeling a tad inadequate. I’ll get over. Don’t worry about me. The show must go on!

FRIED CAULIFLOWER, CHERRY TOMATOES (we have half a garden full of them right now), ONIONS AND CAPERS

This is the cauliflower and tomatoes before they were combined with caramelised red onion and spinach to make the salad.

Couldn’t get a proper photo because of the excessive amounts of red wine we drunk. Thought I was rocking the vogue magazine styles until I got up in the morning and realised I didn’t use a flash… or hold the camera still… or level… I tried, and I think sometimes that is actually the main thing.

Fucking really good. No other way to describe this one. And I have to congratulate Jennee on the concept, the beautiful balance of the meal, the homemade sauces, just the complete effing packing.


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