I’m back…

This is a story of one mans survival in the wild mountainous rainforest of northern NSW. With nothing but a loaf of bread, some cabbage and the carnie that was holding it. My only hope of survival was to steal some pumpkin seeds from the hippies that would run naked through the ferns, their bodies glistening with mountain dew (not the soft drink… I hope). But alas I could not get close enough to bring them to the ground by their dreadlocks and hog tie them. Jesus knows I tried.

So there I was. A babe alone in the forest, not unlike Bambi. At the mercy of the elements. Monkeys would laugh at me as I begged them to take me in… Make me one of their own. I managed to catch one and eat it. Fair retribution? Probably not but I was hungry. Wish I had a fire to cook it on though…

After days of dragging myself (and my pet carnie) through the forest I saw the angelic light that was civilization. That or I was getting acid flashbacks again. Either option was fine by me. I had gone days without a proper meal and this bloody carnie was getting heavy.

And maybe, just to bring a fact or two into an otherwise fluff of a story, I will say that we spent the day in the hills for Seba and his cousin James’ birthday lunch. A great day was had by all… And everyone made it home alive. Albeit a little weary.

We had lunch between here...
We had lunch between here…
...and here
…and here

So this was our dinner. Sunday night cooking at it’s finest. Omelette with eggs from our chooks, zucchini, spinach and herbs from the garden, chorizo and tomme goats cheese. Jennee manned the omelette station so all I had to do was cut down a Christmas tree from the neighbours yard, drink a refreshing beverage and write this story*.



*I accidentally erased the first story I wrote, so I wrote it again. Hence you get the Sunday story on Tuesday. Freaking out yet? I am…

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