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An average rainy old day on my kitchen stove tops…


Clockwise from top right;
Good French onion soup (heaps of onions, butter, port, a little balsamic, bacon, beef stock… Or maybe I’ll just use that ham stock over there),
Chocolate and butter melts up top (for brownies) while chickpeas cook underneath,
Thai spiced pumpkin soup,
Moroccan spiced lamb ragout,
Fennel and orange purée (for the fish of the day),
Ham stock (for a soup I think),
Demi glace (that big assed pot of beef bones and other good shit will end up being 4-5lt of delicious jus)

Just thought you might like to see…

8 comments on “An average rainy old day on my kitchen stove tops…

  1. Lookin’ good – love a big assed pot! 🙂

    1. Raining like a bitch up here for the last week. Probably gonna flood. Hopefully when I’m at home and not at work though. I’ve got two rabbits in the fridge on flood alert…

      1. Raining up there and we are having the longest, hottest Summer down here…weird ass weather! Take care up there… 🙂

      2. Yeah hopefully I won’t have to build an ark 🙂

  2. Man Fuel says:

    I’m so used to seeing outdoor cooking and barbecue pits on your site that it’s great to see inside your kitchen every once in a while!

  3. Kendra Lee says:

    I think I would lose my mind juggling that many pots. You amaze me!

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