Lamb-ancini (lamb arancini) with caper mayonnaise

Just a quick little note with a compulsory amusing anecdote about my life at the moment.

Dear diary. This week I started a new job. The new kitchen has lots of fun toys for me to play with, new work mates for me to torment, a baker/pastry chef (I must have done something good in a past life to deserve that) and I get to cook breakfasts again, which I have truly missed over the last couple of years (we can go into my obscure love with getting up early and cooking breakfast in more detail at a later date I’m sure).

What does this mean to you, my dear blogland? Not heaps. It just means my extra time is a little sparse at the moment, so I might not be able to give you the love and attention you deserve. I won’t be able to make your ballet recital or catch that soccer game on the weekend I’m sorry. And if you think it seems I don’t love you anymore you are wrong. My love for you is comparable to that of the mother for her first born child… even though I may have divorced your father, re-married and had another heaps better looking and smarter child who is receiving all of my love and devotion at the moment…

Please don’t hate your new brother or me.

Here’s something for you to make for dinner. Happy 21st son.

LAMB-ANCINI (lamb arancini)


Cook a lamb and tomato risotto the evening previous to the day you would like to make your arancini. Invite a heap of friends over to eat said lamb risotto, but not too many friends so it gets finished. You want a balance between enough people to spread the good word about what a effing awesome cook you are, and few enough to leave you with leftovers for your lamb-ancini.


Roll into balls or little patties, then through the flour, eggwash and bread crumbs. Deep or shallow fry these little beauties until golden brown.


While they’re cooking make some caper mayonnaise from scratch or add ¼ of chopped capers to one cup of good bought mayonnaise. NO RUBBISH… the mayonnaise nazi strikes again.


Season and serve with caper mayonnaise and chopped basil (just because we have heaps of basil in the garden at the mo’. You’ll probably be seeeing it grace these pages a fair bit over the coming weeks).

Mmmm. Lamb-ancini…

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