Paul’s Caul… The three F’s

The Three F’s…

I’m an emotional beast, not that I let these emotions govern my interactions with others, but non-the less things move me. I’m not going to lie to you all I have found my self sitting on the couch watching the voice with a tear rolling down my face (don’t judge me!) or it may be the moon hovering over the ocean on my early morning drive to work that triggers the part of me that remembers to enjoy life. But mostly its experiences that are made up of friends, food and fluid… the three F’s.

I’m writing this today to remind you all that if you are not with a person you really love, or in a job that doesn’t excite you on some level, or if you aren’t ticking either of these very important boxes then I hope for your sake you have a life filled with friends that make you laugh like an idiot and join you on adventures through life that may only last for 20 minutes, but these are the moments that matter and without any of the above we are wasting our opportunities.

In the past few weeks this world has lost too many people close to great friends of mine, this always makes me a little reflective… but I don’t get sad, I get proactive I use it as inspiration to step up my game to double down on life and most importantly to expel all excuses from my life… because all of us that are lucky enough to be here and healthy have nothing to complain about.

Enough of the life coaching and back to some food talk, this is what I love the most, I just got back from a new café down the road where I sat by myself and had a couple of superb coffees roasted on premise and some roast duck steamed buns which where quite simply amazeballs! The whole experience left me feeling better about everything, I am essentially a very easy man to please J

One of my life’s guilty pleasures is banter and kitchen banter is the best, just the other day we got onto the subject of fish tacos, now quite obviously this conversation moved onto vagina and in turn Vagin (the French for vagina) someone then asked what a vagin was and the answer I came up with was… “It’s a moroccon style vagina used for cooking in” now if this doesn’t amuse you then let me make it clear… you don’t belong in a kitchen and never will! This moment was a highlight of that day and I was getting paid at the time… winning!

I’m extremely lucky to achieve the three F’s on a daily basis at work and then I go home to the most amazing girl and amazing friends that share in the same pleasures that I do… I’m not declaring this to show off or rub it in your face, but just to clarify that there is always time to change, life is full of choices, don’t ever settle for a situation that upsets you and hinders your happiness. Get out there and enjoy the three F’s and of course enjoy the fourth F as much as possible as well J

This post is dedicated to Jode’s, Johhny boy, Alex and Gully (may he rest in peace)

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