I had this meal in the pot in 5 minutes, which left me with plenty of time to go out to the verandah and sit back in my old rocking chair, smoke my corncob pipe and pay some more attention to my collection of dirty magazines from the early eighties.

This is a great recipe for lazy-assed, single man, Jamie’s fifteen minute meals type cooking. Or in my world it’s damn tasty and super easy which leaves me with plenty more time to beat my screaming children… errr, spend some quality time with my kids.

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Get all of your goodies into a pot


With the potatoes

With the potatoes


Add some chard if you have some. Our garden is full of it at the mo’


Looking good

All in and looking good

Eat it with a spoon if that's how you roll...

Eat it with a spoon if that’s how you roll…